New system.
New look.
Same damage
prevention service.


On January 31, 2019 (8pm MST) the new online One Call system went live.

Thank you again to everyone who has been helping us test and providing invaluable feedback. For those who are following the progress closely and testing, you will have noticed a few features being added and perhaps removed.

Get updates on the new Pelican system and the One-Call Network


You've always been able to call or click before you dig, but the popularity of mobile devices has made it easier than ever to submit your tickets any time and check for underground utilities.

In addition to our online system upgrade, our brand was well overdue for an upgrade as well. Our new look and ticket software reflect how people like you engage with and seek out information - making the entire process easy and quick. So whether you call, click or check before you dig, remember the 1st step is BC 1 Call.

Call, click or check before you dig

click, call or check
before you dig.

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